2013 EVENT

2013 Scholarship Event


Sam Roman- President
Valentina Fischer- Vice President
Ana Rosado- Secretary
Maria D. Felix- Treasurer
Lidia Hernandez- Volunteer
Monica Tavera- Volunteer
Luz Tabares- Volunteer
Ron Shumaker - Volunteer


This foundation has been able to continuously award these scholarships due to the significant support we receive from the community. We hold various fundraisers every year including a yearly dinner incorporated with a dance, drinks, and raffles; An 8-person table is sold to various companies and institutions as well as individuals who attend and support this event. The funds raised from these events are presented to students in six annual scholarships awards.

The future plans for Tavera Foundation are to expand these opportunities to additional colleges, thereby assisting other students who have the desire to achieve their educational goals but face economic difficulties.

The various events are arranged to raise money that will help our community students succeed academically. These events are organized and carried out by volunteer community members who strongly believe in making a difference by helping others. Tavera Foundation holds a strong belief that the community must not let students who lack financial aid also lack an education.